How Does It Work?

Step 1 – Initial Discussion

You’ll be assigned a job search consultant specialized in your field. An initial study will be made to understand your profile and the types of jobs you are interested in.

Step 2 – Free Resume Critique

Once we’ve ascertained your career goals, we’ll take a quick look at your CV and give you some advise for how you can improve it yourself. A well-written resume will improve your chances of interview callbacks.

Step 3 – Job Applications

Your job search consultant will then identify and apply to openings which match your desired career direction. We’ll search on both public and private job portals in Singapore to find you those openings.

Step 4 – Reports

Your job search assistant will keep you updated throughout this job search process with periodic email reports on the jobs we’ve applied on your behalf. You’ll be able to login and see the applications we’ve made for you.

Frequenty Asked Questions

One of our job search consultants will be contacting you via email. Our first step would be to better understand your profile and the kinds of jobs you would be interested in.
A job search consultant specialised in your field will be assigned to your case. Each consultant has a deep understanding of your industry and will have a keen understanding of where the best jobs are available.
It really depend on each individual candidate. If you’re a young executive open to a variety of roles, our consultants will naturally be able to apply for more roles on your behalf. If you’re a senior manager in a very specific field, naturally the number of jobs suitable for you will be significantly less.
Our package includes free career guidance, a free resume critique and job search services for a period of 1 month.
Sure. We’ll provide free career advise to you on the best way to facilitate your desired career switch.
Absolutely. All data is strictly confidential. We have strict internal controls on document access.
We’ll login to your accounts on all the major job portals (linkedin, monster, jobstreet etc) and apply for jobs on your behalf.


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